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Middle Management for the Mineral Industry – The Challenge of the 1980s


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Author Crowe DS, Davis K, Pratt V


Challenges facing middle management in the 1980’s and beyond are not confined to business matters such as industrial relations, government and legal constraints, corporate takeovers, and commodity marketing. More particularly they deal with people issues and the interrelationship of corporate/ family relationships. There is a need for corporations to acknowledge the growing conflict between corporate/family roles being brought about by such matters as equal opportunity, double professional marriage partnerships, personal mobility and the increasing stress faced by managers as a result of current demands and expectations being placed on them. While the main responsibility for managing professional life as well as the relationship between professional and private life rests with the individual executive, corporations nevertheless have a major responsibility to assist these executives in this management process. Corporations in Australia are taking steps to address this situation but much more needs to be done. This was highlighted in the March 1985 “Middle Management” course with its associated Spouses Programme presented jointly by Australian Mineral Foundation and The Australian Administrative Staff College. Effective communication is at the heart of the matter but no amount of training on this subject will bear fruit unless there is an associated commitment by executives to improve the effectiveness of their communi- cation process both in their corporate and family roles.