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Mine value chain reconciliation – demonstrating value through best practice


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Author C Morley and H Arvidson


Reconciliation has become very topical over the last ten years but how do we distinguish what is good practice, and even more importantly, show how it adds value? Reconciliation at Anglo American has received support from the very top of the company and this has enabled success in the design and implementation of a range of processes, reporting activities and actions. Focus has been on full Mine Value Chain Reconciliation (MVCR) from Resource to Product and on proactive cross-functional engagement. A standardised set of reconciliation definitions and relationships are used at all mines across the company to diagnose planning and performance issues. Results are formally presented in an efficient dashboard format, accompanied by a concise narrative to communicate what has been learned and what is being done to correct, improve or change practices. Importantly, effort has also been made to sustain MVCR by embedding good practice and quantifying the benefit of reconciliation explicitly via linking results to value.

This paper sets out the lessons learned from the past two-years’ journey, highlighting areas where good practice has been defined and achieved. A ranking for quantifying reconciliation confidence over time is presented as a means of putting results into context and continuously improving the reconciliation process. Finally, a solution to define the value that can be derived from reconciliation is described, detailing how cross-functional personnel meet monthly to review results and implement actions that are tracked in terms of value creation.


Morley, C and Arvidson, H, 2017. Mine value chain reconciliation – demonstrating value through best practice, in Proceedings Tenth International Mining Geology Conference 2017, pp 103–116 (The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy: Melbourne).