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The Australian Mine Ventilation Conference 2019


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Number of pages 395 pp.
Conference Held 26 - 28 August 2019
Location Perth, WA
ID Parent - The Australian Mine Ventilation Conference 2019


The Australian Mine Ventilation Conference 2019 was held in Perth on 26–28 August 2019. The overall theme of the conference was Managing Ventilation Risk, and its aim was to improve the health and safety of Australian mine workers.

Papers in this volume cover topics such as direct and indirect elements of metal and coal mine ventilation planning and case studies; main and booster fans; numerical modelling and integration with planning and remote monitoring; occupational health hazard monitoring and management (mine gases, dust, DPM, radioactive dust); heat and refrigeration; prevention of methane, coal and sulfide dust explosions; prevention and fighting of mine fires; detection and control of spontaneous combustion; ventilation monitoring and control; mining regulations, including principle hazard management plans; understanding radiation; and seal-up management.

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