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Minesafe International 2017 Conference – PDF


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Number of pages 242 pp.
Conference Held 1 - 3 May 2017
Location Perth, WA


Minesafe International 2017 was held in Perth, Western Australia from 1–3 May. The planning for this conference spanned a number of years and received the encouragement of the Western Australian Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP). The conference was inspired by the successful conferences with the same name commencing in the late 1980s run by the late Jim Torlach, State Mining Engineer and Pat Gilroy, Deputy CEO of the Chamber of Mines and Energy of Western Australian (CME). During the planning of this conference it was considered important to broaden what may have been the more traditional safety conference to include health as a significant component of the conference. The papers were stimulating and challenging while also being informative on a wide and varied number topics including: operational and case studies, control management, risk assessment, improving operational safety, better health and working environment, regulatory matters, the role of codes and guidance in reducing compliance costs and maintaining safety, comparison papers, the prevalence of mental health problems, what safety can learn from neuroscience, and a change in focus from safety culture to human factors. Click here to view contents pages