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Modelling for Large Primary Tin Deposits


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Author Premoli C


Ore deposit modelling is becoming an increasingly accepted tool in mineral exploration. Successful models have already been proposed for several ore deposits of base metals and gold, but tin has so far received comparatively little attention, perhaps because of an excessive preoccupatioi with alluvial operations. This situation is rapidly changing and some of the world’s most profitable and newly commissioned tin mines are large, primary tin deposits. Some basic principles of ore deposit modelling are briefly reviewed and the fallacy of an excessive reliance on grade tonnage diagrams based on the tin industry worldwide is discussed. The four proposed models and submodels of large, hard-rock, tin deposits focus on basic concepts such as the spatial relationship with “tin granites”, depth of emplacement and the level of erosion. General concepts are drawn. The modelling of large primary tin deposits is reviewed not only in its geological and exploration aspects but also in its mining and economic implications.