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Monograph 15 – The Rocks Speak


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Author Haddon King
ISBN no 978 0 949106 39 1
Number of pages 306 pp.


Published in 1989, The Rocks Speak is a collection of essays written by mining geologist Haddon F King. King’s formal publications have earned him world renown and the highest honours in his profession. His essays, written intermittently over a period of 30 years during the culmination of his distinguished career, provide an insight into geological subjects ranging from the genesis of stratabound and stratiform ore deposits to ore-finding and estimation of reserves. Whatever the reader’s interest in geology or mineral resources, the essays will inspire admiration for the insight and viewpoints that Haddon King brings to each question.

The hard copy of this publication has been out of print for some time. The PDF is a scanned photocopy of the publication.