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Monograph 25 – Geology and Exploration of New Zealand Mineral Deposits


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Number of pages 350 pp.


Geology and Exploration of New Zealand Mineral Deposits – Monograph 25 is an important contribution to the exploration of New Zealand’s mineral deposits, and is a successor to the 1989 monograph on Mineral Deposits of New Zealand. The volume contains a comprehensive collection of 47 papers from 70 authors that review selected mineral deposit types or describe individual mineral deposits, plus an introduction that sets the exploration scene in New Zealand. The authors are from the minerals industry, universities, and government research organisations, and summarise a large amount of unpublished exploration information.

Topics covered include the geological setting of mineralisation, epithermal Au-Ag (21 papers), orogenic Au±Sb±W (9), placer Au (4), ironsands (3), placer ilmenite, intrusion-related Au, platinum, clay, zeolite, onshore and offshore volcanic massive sulfides and offshore ferromanganese nodule deposits.

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A new edition of this publication was released in 2016: Mineral Deposits of New Zealand.