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‘MRC-wiki’ – a Mine Rehabilitation and Closure Knowledge Management Tool for Central Queensland Coalmine Practitioners


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Author C J Unger, C J Bond, T Baumgartl, V C Glenn and P Sabourenkov


Social licence to mine is influenced by society’s perception of the mining sector’s ability to effectively rehabilitate mined land and for governments to appropriately regulate that process for the broader community benefit. In Queensland, Australia, many mine rehabilitation personnel working for active coalmines, as either staff, consultants or contractors, belong to the Central Queensland Mine Rehabilitation Group (CQMRG). The CQMRG was established 23 years ago with the aim of sharing informal knowledge related to practical aspects of rehabilitation in order to leave as positive a legacy as possible from mined land. This voluntary group of professionals also includes members from regulatory agencies and civil society. Within the dynamic regional mining environment, mine rehabilitation professionals benefit from sharing their informal knowledge.

CQMRG is currently a group in transition. Mining boom and downturn cycles have exacerbated the loss of accumulated knowledge in the core CQMRG membership due to rapid changes in personnel at mines in the region. Additionally, some of the most experienced CQMRG-affiliated rehabilitation practitioners are approaching the end of their careers and want their valuable and less formal knowledge retained. This paper discusses the development of a research project that emerged in response to the anticipated loss of several decades’ worth of valuable knowledge as rehabilitation practitioners in CQMRG left the region or the workforce.

Unger, C J, Bond, C J, Baumgartl, T, Glenn, V C and
Sabourenkov, P, 2016. ‘MRC-wiki’ – a mine rehabilitation and closure knowledge
management tool for Central Queensland coalmine practitioners, in
Proceedings Life-of-Mine 2016 Conference , pp 39–42 (The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy: Melbourne).