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Multicommodity Exploration in the Murray Basin, Victoria, Australia


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Author Brunker RL, Preston JC, Richards DJ


A multicommodity exploration programme was mounted in the 1970s by CRA Exploration Pty. Limited over a major part of the southern Murray Basin in Victoria. Commodities sought were brown and black coal, gold, uranium, diamonds, titanium and zirconium rich heavy minerals, and base metals. An area of 40 000 km2 was held under exploration licences by the Company. Exploration techniques used were literature research, airborne magnetics and gamma ray spectrometry, drilling, and geophysical well logging. Targets were defined in both the Tertiary basin sediments and the underlying Palaeozoic sedimentary and igneous rocks. Although exploration is continuing, large resources of brown coal and low grade titanium rich heavy minerals have already been discovered. Exploration for uranium was abandoned in accordance with statutory requirements. The search for significant resources of the other commodities has not been successful.