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Optimising Carbon Management – Increasing Gold Recovery and Decreasing Costs with the Carbon Scout


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Author W P Staunton, T D H McGrath, C Ypelaan, O Baker and J J Eksteen


The carbon-in-pulp process has been used extensively in the gold industry since the late 1970s to recovery leached gold from solution. Despite more than 30 years of experience in operating carbon circuits, average gold solution loss has remained at an average of 0.02–0.03 ppm (mg/L), higher than the ‘best practice’ target of 0.01 ppm.

Process modelling, such as SIMCIL developed by the Curtin Gold Technology Group (GTG), can provide information on optimum set points; however, manual control of the circuit limits the potential benefits.

An automated carbon measurement device, the Scout Carbon Meter, has been developed to allow for automation of carbon concentration measurement, and automated control of the carbon transfer pumps. This paper describes the results from the evaluation of the first two prototypes of the meter.


Staunton, W P, McGrath, T D H, Ypelaan, C, Baker, O and Eksteen, J J, 2016. Optimising Carbon Management – Increasing Gold Recovery and Decreasing Costs with the Carbon Scout, in Proceedings 13th AusIMM Mill Operators’ Conference 2016, pp 225–228 (The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy: Melbourne).