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Organic Management Structure – Its Advantages in a Mining Consultancy


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Author G Pitkin and D Sorley


The purpose of any consultancy is to provide a superior service for their client. Organisational structure is a key element in providing this service and differentiating between consultants.

In an organic organisation the emphasis is on effectiveness, problem solving, responsiveness, flexibility, adaptability, creativity and innovation. Such an organisation is able to respond in a timely manner to change because employees are empowered to be creative, to experiment and to suggest new ideas. The process of innovation is triggered by employees throughout the organisation in a collaborative manner.

Problem solving becomes a core competence of the consultancy. A multidisciplined approach arrives at superior solutions that are rigorous, holistic, achievable and often novel. It allows the mining consultancy to extract the most from a very talented and experienced team.

This paper highlights the advantages of an organic structure for a mining consultancy and how to implement such a structure. It draws on examples of innovative problem solving from feasibility and strategic studies carried out in Australia and Africa.


Pitkin, G and Sorley, D, 2016. Organic management structure – its advantages in a mining consultancy, in Proceedings International Mine Management Conference, pp 155-162 (The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy: Melbourne).