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Number of pages 340 pp.
Conference Held 3 - 5 April 2019
Location Auckland, New Zealand
ID Parent - PACRIM 2019


PACRIM 2019 was held 3–5 April 2019, in Auckland, New Zealand. The conference focused on the Pacific Rim, an area where major challenges facing our civilisation in the next few decades will become acutely evident, particularly for local communities. The quest for metallic deposits around the Rim and in analogous collisional settings is essential to support the technology shift that must be achieved for our own survival.

The proceedings includes 17 keynote abstracts and almost 80 abstracts from themes such as: exploration, mining investment and new project developments; mineral system understanding; mineralisation styles; and provinces and case studies.

Note: the proceedings contains abstracts and extended abstracts only – no full papers were prepared for this event.

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