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Peck’s centrifugal elevator


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Author W Peck


THE centrifugal elevator invented and patented by the writer is designed for the purpose of conveying the tailings of a gold dredge to such a distance that they shall not impede the dredging operations. Formerly this was usually accomplished by means of a belt of buckets travelling round a ladder set at an angle of about 30 degrees to the horizontal, but this meant heavy wear and tear on the travelling buckets and the tumblers actuating them. The centrifugal elevator throws the tailings through the air to the required height and distance, and it is manifest that during their flight from the elevator to the heap there is absolutely no wear and tear, only the attraction of gravity and the resistance of the air has to be overcome. All, then, there is left to be considered is how to throw the stuff with the minimum of power and wear on the elevator.