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Prediction of Rock Mass Properties Ahead of Tunnel Face Using Drilling Parameters


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Author K-Y Kim, K-S Kim, C-Y Kim and D-G Kim


In tunnel construction or other underground
construction, a detailed knowledge of the rock mass ahead of the face is
essential for both safety and efficiency of work. Many tunnel collapses have
been reported to occur because of lack of appropriate information, such as the
geological conditions ahead of the tunnel face. One of the methods which can
identify rock mass conditions is the application of drill monitoring data
obtained from blasting drill holes, which can detect abrupt and unexpected
changes in ground conditions, geological structure and the mechanical and
physical properties of rock mass. This paper presents a new approach to how
drill performance parameters can be used for prediction of geological conditions
ahead of tunnel face. The predictions are based on monitoring the drill
parameters of instantaneous advance speed, torque and tool pressure. In order to
assess conditions ahead of tunnel face, tunnel seismic profiling (TSP) and a
horizontal boring investigation were undertaken and the obtained data compared
to the drilling data. The predicted results using drilling performance
parameters correlated well with geological conditions ahead of tunnel face.