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Preparing for Progressive Mine Rehabilitation Sign-off in Queensland


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Author P D Erskine, A Fletcher and P Swart


Glencore Coal Assets Australia (GCAA) operates five coalmines in Queensland and has rehabilitated thousands of hectares of mined land across these sites. Accordingly, GCAA seeks to continually improve rehabilitation outcomes over time and work towards progressive rehabilitation sign-off. The ultimate test of rehabilitation success is the attainment of an agreed land-use target, whether for biodiversity conservation or some type of agricultural production, and the ability of the rehabilitated landscape to resist degradation and retain desired functions (eg biodiversity protection or grazing productivity). However, success must be based on documented evidence that can demonstrate adequate progress towards rehabilitation targets and is assessed at appropriate intervals. To assist this task, a stepwise decision guide for the GCAA monitoring program was developed to ensure consistent monitoring data is collected across the range of sites. This presentation will discuss some of the processes that were followed to allow GCAA to identify appropriate metrics to assess rehabilitation success efficiently over thousands of hectares.


Erskine, P, Fletcher, A and Swart, P, 2016. Preparing for progressive mine rehabilitation sign-off in Queensland, in Proceedings Life-of-Mine 2016 Conference, pp 148–150 (The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy: Melbourne).