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Professional Training for the 21st Century


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Author Hackett P


This opportunity to present a few thoughts on the question of professional education and training comes at a most appropriate time. In Britain, a great deal of energy is being expended in this, so-called, post-Finniston era, to create a new look for the status of engineers and engineering by the Engineering Council. Naturally, the tune and the tempo are being called by the big institutions which essentially serve the manufacturing industries. However, the Engineering Council in Great Britain also includes the mining and processing institutions such as the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy (IMM) and so there is a chance – if it is taken – for us to contribute to the debate and the determinations that emanate from it. The IMM, of course, caters for the professional status of those engaged in the mining and minerals industries and includes many who do not see themselves as engineers. Nevertheless, the debate is important to these other groups whose livelihood is inextricably bound up with those who are engineers and there are many facets of the engineering policies being shaped that will, I am sure, eventually be enshrined in the requirements for professional status across all the various disciplines in our industry.