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Professional Training for the South African Minerals Industry – Macro Perspective


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Author Fauconnier CJ


While South Africa is well endowed with mineral resources, it is generally accepted that its future will be determined more by the development of its human resources than its mineral wealth. The country has throughout its modern history suffered from an over-supply of unskilled labour and a shortage of skilled and professional manpower. There has furthermore always been an over-reliance on Whites as an internal source of professional manpower, supplemented by immigration wherever possible. Better utilisation of other population groups in professional positions has been hampered by the general lack of education and training among such groups. Although many problems still remain, there are emerging trends which are likely to positively affect the training of professional manpower in the future. The direct and indirect influences that are likely to affect professional training at the macro level include 1. government policy and objectives in respect of manpower education and training, 2. the emergence of technikons as fully- fledged tertiary education institutions, 3. demographic trends in South Africa as they pertain to education, 4. political and statutory developments in the country, 5. industry involvement in tertiary education, and 6. professional registration.