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Properties of Bricks Containing Coalwash


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Author Montgomery D G


In comparisons of a trial extruded brick containing 33 per cent coalwash and 67 per cent clay and a trial pressed brick containing 100 per cent coalwash with a standard extruded clay face brick, the mixed feed stock trial brick compared favourably with the standard brick. If a highly plastic clay is used to mix with the coalwash, satisfactory results are obtained in respect to dimension, strength, water absorption, efflorescence, resistance to salt attack, hardness, colour, weathering, mineralogy and porosity. Although a brick containing only coalwash can be successfully manufactured in a press, its mechanical and physical properties are inferior. This mixed feed stock brickmaking technology leads to the utilisation of a by-product with a potential saving of raw material costs. The extent of use is likely to depend on the proximity of the coal washery and the brickworks and the economics

of transportation costs.