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Recent Developments in Tunnel Fire and Life Safety Standards and Guidance


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Author J Munro


Currently an Australian Standard for tunnel fire safety is being developed
for road and rail tunnels. Other local guidance relating to tunnel fire safety
that has recently become available includes publications by both the Roads and
Traffic Authority and RailCorp of New South Wales.

Internationally, the World Road Congress has completed its 2004 – 2007 cycle,
which has resulted in a number of publications.

International developments in rail guidance include a new European Standard
regarding fire safety in railway tunnels that will come into effect in July
2008. In addition, the National Fire Protection Association committee NFPA 130
are in the process of revising their standard for fixed guideway transit and
passenger rail systems, which is due for publication in late 2009.

This paper outlines the status of these and other recently published relevant
local and international fire safety guidelines and their implications for tunnel
projects in Australia.