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Recovery of Manganese From Low-Grade Manganese Ore by Sulphation Roasting


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Author Reddy B R


Low-grade manganese ore from Sandur, India containing 28.2 per cent manganese and 20.9 per cent iron was roasted with sulphating agents, viz ammonium sulphate and sulphuric acid. The effects of temperature of roasting (300 – 800°C), time (15 – 120 minutes) and amount of sulphating agent (0.5 to 2.5 times stoichiometric amount) were studied. Under optimum conditions, it was possible to extract 92 per cent manganese with 0.5 per cent iron at a temperature of 700°C for 90 minutes duration with stoichiometric ammonium sulphate. Further increase in quantity of ammonium sulphate has marginal effect on manganese extraction.

Similar studies were carried out with sulphuric acid, and an extraction of about 87 per cent manganese with similar iron contamination was achieved at a temperature of 700°C for 60 minutes duration with stoichiometric quantity of the reagent. Selective extraction of manganese with respect to iron is discussed.