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Report on the Council of Mining and Metallurgical Institutions


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Author West MJ


It is my role at this juncture to report to you on behalf of the Council of Mining and Metallurgical Institutions itself. In essence, the Council is an orbital body – a little like Halley’s Comet – it returns to earth, in spectacular style, once in every four years. We must acknowledge, however, that the spectacle is provided by the constituent member body organising the particular event and, on this occasion, it is The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. On behalf of the Council and its other constituent bodies may I thank the Australasian Institute most sincerely. Our thanks go to Sir James Foots, the President of the 13th Congress, and to all the members of the organising committee and to the five sub- committees. Over 40 people are involved as full members and I am certain there will have been many more involved in very meaningful ways. None of this great- team would ask me to mention them individually, I’m sure, but to fail to acknowledge the role of John Funnell, the Honorary Secretary, would be an unforgivable omission. We must also thank the kindred institutions in Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia who all helped with the tours themselves or with the initial preparations. Qantas, Jetabout Australia, and Jetabout Singapore have all also made very important contributions and, in our different ways, we each owe our thanks to them. At the two most recent meetings of the Congress – in Hong Kong and Johannesburg – Professor Marston Fleming made this report on behalf of the Council and was supported on both occasions by Robert MacWilliam as vice- chairman. Marston died in 1983 and Robert died in 1984; both men contributed a great deal to CMMI and we will miss their counsel for a long time. As you know, Sir Alistair Frame succeeded Marston Fleming as chairman in 1984 and I succeeded Robert MacWilliam as Vice-chairman.