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Revolving doors


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Author P Rouse


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Introducing the PYBAR Group and its history and visions

PYBAR was formed in 1993 by principal shareholder Paul Rouse, a mining engineer, initially as a project management and consultancy group.

PYBAR Mining Services was formed in 1995 with a small 18-month mining contract at Mineral Hill Mine, north of Condobolin, New South Wales.

PYBAR has seen significant growth since inception and now employs over 1400 people within the PYBAR Group, with operations across Australia and the Philippines.

Associated companies in the Group

  • PYBAR Mining Services – all aspects of underground
    development and production including production drilling, ITH drilling,
    cablebolting, shotcreting, and raise drilling.
  • HMR Drilling Services – primarily underground
    exploration and grade control drilling
  • JTMEC – mine electrical support and infrastructure
  • PJL Group – mine mechanical, maintenance and equipment rebuilds with

Each of these associated companies has nation-wide representation to support PYBAR as well as conduct business independently.

The Group has been founded on the ‘can do’ vision. The only real failure is when you give up trying. PYBAR’s growth has been as a result of specialising in underground development and production with complementary businesses.

The opportunity to increase revenue has been taken where applicable and evaluated with financial capability and work commitment always keenly focused on nil compromise for safety and quality.

core values represent the way we carry out our work. They are:


The adherence and commitment to the above values is supported by our people being fast, efficient and responsive.

Different and contrasting styles

PYBAR has had a flexible approach to the different styles of contract that are agreed with our clients. Depending on the certainty and scope of the work, PYBAR has worked under schedule of rates, fixed and variable, alliance and cost plus arrangements.

Continued support to a range of clients has been paramount, with ‘relationship’ contracting the main focus.

The revolving
door principle

PYBAR has respected the associations with our clients and shares the principle of arrangements needing to be on a win-win basis for both parties.

Opportunities arise and are taken in line with the
opening/closing, revolving door principle. PYBAR has seen repeat business from
many clients and respects the tenure that each contract can deliver. As part of
the vision, PYBAR has continued to develop safety systems and business systems
and to research and implement innovation and technology to operations where
appropriate. Some examples are:

  • restricted boom isolation access to operating faces
  • equipment guidance on loaders and trucks
  • semi-autonomous trucks
  • mechanised rising methods
  • electronic capture of operating data direct from source.

The PYBAR Group continues to operate and refine its position as the third largest underground hard rock mining contractor in Australia.

Concurrently through Diversified Minerals there has been an extension to mine owner and producer through the acquisition of publicly listed Unity Mining with the resultant transfer of Henty Gold Mine in Tasmania and Dargues Gold Mine in New South Wales. Whilst Henty is an existing operation, Dargues is basically a greenfield site with all approvals in place and due to start construction by the end of 2017.

Doors keep on opening, and challenges are continually presented.


Rouse, P, 2017. Revolving doors, in Proceedings 13th AusIMM
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