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Roasting for antimony removal from Greenbushes materials-plant developments


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Author Bultitude-Paull J, Richardson P and Floyd JM


The extension of theoretical and laboratory studies of the roasting of tantalite and cassiterite concentrates from Greenbushes Tin Limited to pilot and semi- commercial plant developments is detailed. A rotary pilot furnace was used to prove the feasibility of the process and a semi- commercial plant was constructed at Greenbushes to produce large quantities of roasted calcine. The additions and conditions of the laboratory study were employed to achieve marketable grades of calcine from the two materials. As well as producing calcines with less than 0.1% Sb, most of the tin in tantalite was recoverable to a separate fume product. Tin fumed during cassiterite roasting on a semi-commerical scale amounted to less than 1% of the tin in feed.