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Structure of the Bowen Basin, Queensland, Australia


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Author Leach JHJ, Mallett CW, Hobbs BE


This study examined the structures of the Bowen Basin in central Queensland, Australia, by a series of lineament analyses. These studies were carried out using published geological maps, NOAA-AVHRR imagery, and LANDSAT MSS. Comparisons between these various data sources allowed the discrimination of the nature of the observed lineament sets and the time of their development. These data, which have been verified by field work, allowed the development of an integrated structural model of the Basin as an area of compression. This is considered in the light of a plate tectonics framework for northeastern Australia. The study showed that geological structures of great significance to mining operations, such as strike slip faults and large thrusts, could be identified and mapped using a combination of satellite imagery and field investigation. The small scale view of the satellite imagery also facilitated the development of a structural model for the Bowen Basin.