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Study of the Effect of Blast Pattern Design on Autogenous and Semi-autogenous Mill Throughput at Gol-e-Gohar Iron Ore Mine


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Author A Hakami, H Mansouri, M A Ebrahimi Farsangi, M R Dehghan and F Faramarzi


Today, it is accepted that rock fragmentation by blasting affects loading and hauling operations, and also directly influences on downstream processes such as crushing and grinding. In this research, the influence of rock fragmentation by blasting on the performance of three mills at Gol-e-Gohar iron ore mine No 1 was studied. Firstly, the fragmentation of conventional blast patterns in iron ore (5 × 6 m) was studied using image analysis and the performances of three mills were monitored. Then, a new blast pattern (4 × 5 m) was designed and nine blasts were carried out using this pattern. Increasing the powder factor form 1650 gr/m3 to 2480 gr/m3 by changing the blast pattern design showed that mill throughputs increase five per cent to 30 per cent for the new pattern.


Hakami, A, Mansouri, H, Ebrahimi Farsangi, M A, Dehghan, M R and Faramarzi, F, 2015. Study of the effect of blast pattern design on autogenous and semi-autogenous mill throughput at Gol-e-Gohar iron ore mine, in Proceedings 11th International Symposium on Rock Fragmentation by Blasting, pp 315–320 (The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy: Melbourne).