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The Application of Resource Control in A Mining Operation


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Author Pinter J


Accident control has been a pre occupation of progressive industrial and mining companies for many years but few have attempted more than direct injury control. In recent years, particularly in North America, analyses of accident costs have shown that material damage resulting from accidents is usually of greater economic significance than injuries and this has led to the concept of loss control. Loss control is an attempt to take the emphasis off injury prevention and to concentrate on the basic factors which affect both the health of the individual and of the company. The deterrent to greater acceptance of this philosophy has been the apparent diffi- culties of implementing a loss control programme but Associated Minerals Consolidated Limited has adopted a simple approach. It has had a minimum disturbing effect on normal operations because existing systems have been modified to provide the new information required. It is suggested that the programme outlined is applicable to other mining ventures and is a practical method of providing benefits for both the company and its employees.