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The career of the gold dredge in New South Wales


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Author D K Blair


IT is now five years since the advent of gold-dredging in Australia, the State of New South Wales, or colony as it then was, being the first to adopt this system of gold-getting, and the credit of its introduction rests with a member of this Institute, Mr. Chas. L. Garland, who commenced operations with his dredge on the Macquarie River, at the junction of the Muckerawa Creek, in the month of March, 1899. In this paper it is intended to give a brief history of the career of the gold dredge in New South Wales from that date up to the present time, during which period the writer, as a designer of many dredges, has been constantly in touch with the subject in all its phases in this State; the points noted are the outcome of his observation in a general way, and to a great extent are apart from the design proper.