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The Microclimate of Mines Characterized by High Geothermal Gradients as a Function of Surface Climate


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Author Berry P, Piga P and Sammarco O


Ventilation and the environmental climate in the Campiano mine is the subject of this re- search. The mine is located in Southern Tuscany (Central Italy), a region where geothermal gra- dients are very high (three times the average gradient of the earth). The research produced interesting indications as to the influence of surface climatic conditions on the environmental parameters inside the mine. A close correlation has been found between dry-bulb temperature and humidity ratio of the air in the mine for dif- ferent metereological conditions and for differ- ent mass flow rate values. Variations in air enthalpy, caused only by the heat exchange with the rock walls during the flowing of the air through the mine, depends on the surface temperature values. Statistical analyses have been used to ex- press air enthalpy variations on surface tempe- ratures, on the variations of the humidity ratio that the air undergoes inside the mine and on the mass flora rate. The application in practice of the results will permit the identification of correct mea- sures to be adopted so that optimal microcli- matic conditions are produced in the mine.