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Trommel panel development for iron ore applications


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Author R Wilson, B Freeburn and R Williams


McLanahan RSS14x50 scrubber screens have individually processed over 50 Mt of Pilbara iron ore. The first stage of separation in these plants with abrasive, high specific gravity, large lumps is an extremely arduous duty with high wear rates. With the Scrubber Screen layout this occurs in the attached trommel section. The initial supply of the replaceable trommel panels were of steel-backed rubber with a service life of approx. six weeks. Site Personnel established a goal of 26 week wear life in conjunction with 100 per cent reliability and while field trials were undertaken using a variety of hardened and cast steels that demonstrated wear life to the nominated requirement some unpredicted failures still occurred. With a long evaluation time and challenges to create repeatable conditions with field testing, a purpose built test unit was designed and constructed to allow controlled evaluation of a number of materials and designs. During 2016 tests were conducted with eight different materials, of varying thickness to simulate impact conditions and a number of aperture profiles to evaluate both impact and abrasion effects. From these results two designs were selected for full scale implementation to confirm the nominated goals. This paper will present details of both testing procedures and results of all materials, as well as conclusions of successful field implementation.


Wilson, R, Freeburn, B and Williams, R, 2017. Trommel panel development for iron ore applications, in Proceedings Iron Ore 2017, pp 251–256 (The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy: Melbourne).