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Using X-Ray Diffraction for Grade Control and Minimising Environmental Impact in Iron and Steel Industries


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Author U König, L Gobbo and K Macchiarola


The use of high speed detectors made X-ray diffraction (XRD) an important
tool for quality and process control in the mining industries. Besides knowledge
about the mineralogy of a sample it provides useful information in terms of
quantification of the crystalline phases and the amorphous content. Cluster
analysis of XRD data can facilitate multi-dimensional mapping of ore deposits
and drill cores, identifying regions of favourable mineral compositions. The
studies of this paper demonstrate how XRD and data clustering can be used for
grade control, process optimisation and quality control of iron ores and iron
ore sinters. These new developments have an enormous potential as an
inexpensive, reliable tool, useful in the characterisation of iron and sinter
materials implemented in an industrial environment.