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Number of pages 216 pp.
Conference Held 25 - 26 October 2001
Location Sydney, NSW


This was the third conference focusing on Mineral Asset Valuation and the VALMIN Code, organised by the AusIMM, primarily through its Mineral Industry Consultants Association (MICA) on this occasion. The first was in 1989, the second in 1994 and this third volume consists of 21 papers and one Panel Discussion on the 2001 Independent Review of the VALMIN Code (1998). The history of the VALMIN Committee and the VALMIN Code (1995) and VALMIN Code (1998) is presented in this Volume to document the evolution of The Institute’s and MICA’s commitment to developing best practice Codes/Guidelines. It seemed appropriate, in the first year of the new Millennium, as AusIMM and MICA look to enhance the global development of Codes and Guidelines like the VALMIN Code, that VALMIN ’01 has a specific international focus. Hence, a number of speakers were invited from Canada, USA and South Africa, together with the Chairman of the International Valuation Standards Committee, to join with Australasian speakers at this conference.

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