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Zooming Out – Learning to See Rehabilitation through Stakeholders’ Eyes


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Author J L Merritt


The mining industry seeks to engage with and respond to stakeholders through open consultation processes during the various phases of a mining project (Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources, 2006). Two Australian Coal Association Research Program (ACARP) funded projects conducted in the Bowen Basin coalfields in Central Queensland investigated the use of a stakeholder panel for the evaluation of mine site rehabilitation. The panel members were drawn from the local and regional area, and represented neighbouring landholders, traditional owners, AgForce, local government, conservation groups and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) such as Greening Australia and the Fitzroy Basin Association.

The approach of utilising stakeholders to establish rehabilitation criteria was proposed as an alternative to the established practice of assessing rehabilitated areas against a suite of quantitative completion criteria; eg >70 per cent vegetative ground cover or <5 t/ha/a soil loss. The basis of this approach recognises the reality that the definition of completion criteria has proved problematic over the last 40 years with no broad consensus reached on the suite, let alone the metrics; eg the exact cover level that will benchmark acceptance of the mine site rehabilitation. CITATION:

Merritt, J L, 2016. Zooming out – learning to see rehabilitation through stakeholders’ eyes, in Proceedings Life-of-Mine 2016 Conference, pp 163–165 (The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy: Melbourne).