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Looking to further your career? Invest in your professional development with our huge range of globally recognised mining courses. Discover more and enhance your skills and knowledge with our world class online mining courses through our virtual hub.

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Professional Certificate

Tailings Management

Gain competency and expand your knowledge on the geotechnical, geochemical, governance, closure and socio-economic considerations of tailings management.

Professional Certificate

JORC Code Reporting

Learn to apply the JORC Code within the context of the resource industry and clear up misconceptions surrounding its use.



Develop an in-depth understanding of the VALMIN Code, including its interpretation and appropriate application.


Data Exploring and Storytelling

Understand how to interpret data for effective business decision-making.



Adaptive Leadership

Accelerate your career and learn to lead teams of the future with authenticity, clear direction and emotional intelligence.


Resilience at Work

Rapidly changing workforces are demanding and in need of resilience. Gain behavioural strategies and mindset tools to achieve optimal performance.


Getting Cybersmart

Learn methods and frameworks to deal with cyber threats by creating an ethical cyber security culture.


Why study with AusIMM?


Created, curated and peer-reviewed by AusIMM’s extensive communities of interest and subject matter experts


Featuring technical best practice to build a competent and capable workforce for today and the future


Developed in partnership with industry, to ensure we are showcasing best practice, while meeting current capability development needs

Global in orientation

Learn with a global community via our modern, intuitive, and flexible online platforms

Our courses are focused on shaping technical best practice for a strong future mining workforce. We have developed programs alongside industry experts, community leaders and in partnership with leading organisations in the mining industry to ensure we showcase best practice and provide you with the most up to date career skills.

“It was useful, informative, applicable to my career and a really refreshing learning experience that I look forward to using in my working day”

Participant | Professional Certificate in JORC Code Reporting

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